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Charlemagne and his sons
In 781, he made his oldest three sons each kings. The eldest, Charles, received the kingdom of Neustria, containing the regions of Anjou, Maine, and Touraine. The second eldest, Pippin, was made king of Italy, taking the Iron Crown which his father had first born in 774. His third eldest son, Louis, became king of Aquitaine. He tried to make his sons a true Neustrian, Italian, and Aquitainian and he gave their regents some control of their subkingdoms, but real power was always in his hands, though he intended each to inherit their realm some day.

Emperor Nikephoros of the Eastern Roman Empire

Harun Al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad

Krum the Horrible, Khan of Bulgaria

Pope Leo III
A.D. 797. This year the Romans cut out the tongue of Pope Leo,
put out his eyes, and drove him from his see; but soon after, by
the assistance of God, he could see and speak, and became pope as
he was before.

Egbert of Wessex, ruler in southern Britain

Cenwulf of Mercia, ruler of central Britain

Godfred Sigfredson of Denmark

Áed mac Néill, High King of Ireland and his rival Conchobar mac Donnchada

other NPCs

Theodulf, Bishop of Orleans, a Spanish Visigoth

Captain of the guard— Magnus Forteman, of the Frisians
saved the Pope’s life

Alcuin of York, Albinus Flaccus or “Fatty Whitey,” scholar-theologian monk advisor to Charlemagne, “the most learned man anywhere in the world”

Einhard, a learned French dwarf, Charlemagne’s biographer

Hildegard, Charlemagne’s wife who keeps him on a tight leash

Notker the Stammerer (Latin: Notker Balbulus) (c. 840 – 6 April 912), also called Notker the Poet or Notker of Saint Gall, was a musician, author, poet, and Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Saint Gall in modern Switzerland.

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